Digital Marketing

The best way to reach your fans is to meet them where they are – online. I can help you build a website, get more YouTube views, streams, and much more.


You can’t just wait for your audience to find you, you need to actively seek them out. From full service public relations, marketing, and media relations.

Influencer Management

You have built your audience and would like to start monetizing. I can help you make more money, and to grow your influence.

About Logan Miller

About Logan Miller

I love working with musicians and music festivals to help them with their marketing initiatives and reach new audiences. My driving force is to see fans having fun and being entertained by my clients.

It used to be possible to get by and reach the masses with just traditional forms of marketing; however, with the digital age, it’s critical to be where your audience is – online. One of my philosophies for music marketing is to see both traditional and digital campaigns integrated with one other to create a seamless campaign that can be seen by anyone, anywhere.

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