Artist Development

It all starts with making fantastic music. You can make all the music you want, but without a plan in place to develop your skills and marketable assets, chances are you’ll be stuck playing music in your apartment or in a smoky bar for a handful of people.

While that concept makes for a great country song, I’m willing to bet you want to have your music heard by as many people as possible and get out of that smoky little dive to play in a venue where people are actually singing along to your music.

Artist development is about unifying all aspects of your music to a consistent feel and sound without losing the authenticity of who you really are. whether it’s working on interview skills, nailing down an image, or improving your stage presence, artist development isn’t meant to change who you are as an artist, but to develop who you are as a performer. It’s about working with your strengths and building them to a multi-level brand.

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Let me show you how.


There’s a lot more to being a successful artist than just providing great entertainment and music. It all starts with a unique sound and creating a look and brand that matches who you are as both a person and an artist.

It’s a little weird to think of yourself as a brand, isn’t it? But it’s about finding your voice, your sound, your look and your stage presence. A good music branding professional will never tell you how to dress, how to pose for a picture, how to sing, or even how to cut your hair; rather, they will work WITH you to create a brand that builds off your strengths, personality, and music to ensure consistency — with the occasional guidance and suggestion when needed.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to come up with your branding alone, I’m more than happy to jump in and help!


Having conducted and participated in countless interviews and media appearances, it’s shocking to see how many artists just don’t know how to speak in front of people. Part of being a successful musician is possessing the charisma and skills to present well during public appearances.

Interviewers will often ask some questions that can throw you completely off guard. Tour managers or media reps often cannot interject in these moments, so you need to be able to hold your own during these situations. All it takes is a little confidence and some coaching to get through these moments like a pro.

Some other communication services I offer are: contract negotiations, performance coaching, administrative support, and much more. Contact me for any communications help you may need.

Most artists, you know, spend their entire lives learning how to play music and write songs, and they don’t really know how the music business works.

– Moby